College Application Essay Format

The Format of Writing a College Application Essay

Many students study hard in elementary and high school to get a chance to study in a good college or university. In most instances, colleges find themselves in a dilemma of selecting learners who will join their school due to the numerous applications they receive for a few available slots in their school. Thus, getting a strategy of choosing the best students from the many application is vital. Many schools require applicants to write an easy stating why the school should consider their application.

To qualify to study a specific course, they must meet the minimum requirement for that course. Thus, in a situation where a school receives more applications than they require, grades scored in high school may not help to select the best candidates for the course. Every candidate is given a chance to prove why they deserve to be selected. You are required to write an essay about yourself; a college application essay is like a personal statement of the applicant. It is supposed to bring out the best qualities of the student. Applicants are not only required to be unique, but they should be coherent, concise, honest, and write the truth about themselves.

The format of a college essay should include the following:

  • Include a heading; A good heading should give the reader a gist of what the applicant is are writing about.
  • Format your paper correctly, i.e., use the correct margins, font size, and spacing
  • Select a topic that best describes you.
  • Write the correct length of the essay. 250 – 650 words is a good range.
  • Be fluent in your writing, use simple words, and proofread your essay before submitting it.

Writing A Good College Essay

The admission officer should be able to tell what kind of person you are after reading your application. Below are tips for writing a good college essay.

Read The Instructions Carefully

You should never start writing the essay if you did not understand the instructions given. Read several times to ensure that you write what is required of you. If a topic is given, think through your life of an incident that can best describe the topic.

Write A Compelling Introduction

The introduction paragraph should make the reader eager to continue reading the easy to the end. The applicant should start with an intriguing sentence.

Use your inner voice

The admission officers read many application essays before they can read yours. Thus, make your essay worth remembering. Use your inner voice while scripting your essay and tell the truth about yourself.

Develop an Outline

Since you are only required to write a short essay of about 650 words, you should develop an outline and arrange your content as it will appear in your essay. Strictly follow the outline to avoid repetition and omissions.

In addition to the above ideas, give examples to support your ideas. Also, reread your essay and ensure it is free from grammatical errors. Give someone close to you to proofread the essay for you. Your parents or your teacher should be your first choice.

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