Summer, Sun, Bachelor Thesis

How to do the thesis in the summer

The meterological autumn has already begun a few days ago: it is mid-September. Usually, the time begins when the leaves turn colorful, temperatures drop, and the bikini and beach bag are exchanged for a transition jacket and knit scarf. But this summer is a little different.

After thunderstorms and floods in June and July, it is now turning right again in September – with hot summer temperatures above 30 degrees. Any student who has pushed his bachelor thesis so far and has been waiting for work on cooler autumn days is now in a dilemma: Baden or bachelor thesis? The following tips should help you to get the summer, sun and bachelor thesis under one roof.

The right time management for your bachelor thesis

The alpha and omega for sunbathing and bachelor thesis is a proper time management. A timetable can help to balance free time and hours and avoid unpleasant surprises. The timetable should already roughly define the individual work phases of your Bachelor thesis: Whether finding a topic, research, conception or writing phase: For everything you should allow enough time, so that spontaneous leisure days in good weather are there.

How you structure your schedule in detail is up to you. You prefer to work a few whole days and take a day off for that? Then plan, for example, 4 working days per week and 3 days of leisure, which you can spend relaxed and without a bad conscience at the lake.

Of course, you can also arrange both in one day: In the morning, you sit down to your bachelor thesis, in the hot midday heat treat yourself to a cooling in the lake, to sit down in the evening with a cool head again to your bachelor thesis. Generally, however: Bachelor thesis before bathing fun. With too much free time in the sun, the bachelor thesis should not be neglected – after all, it is your thesis and qualifying for a job.

Where do I best write my bachelor thesis in the summer?

It is hot summerly, but you need a cool head to work, begins the search for the right place to write the bachelor thesis. First and foremost, of course, the library offers itself here. Of course, this is ideal throughout the year to write on his bachelor thesis: It is quiet, it has a pleasant working atmosphere and the required literature and other materials are located directly around you.

You can copy materials, scan an article from a journal, and print out your completed bachelor thesis. In addition, the library is air-conditioned and protected from light. So it does not get too hot for you or blind you. Small additional effect: If you do not even see the beautiful weather and the blazing sun in the sky, you do not know what you missed out there.

Of course you can work at home too-not everyone is the type who likes to work in the library. Also at the home desk you should ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. Give yourself enough space to work and find a place where you are undisturbed.

In addition, you should of course in the summer, of course, make sure that even at home for enough cooling is taken care of: a sun-protected place or a fan cool from the outside, a cold soda or ice cool from the inside and lift the mood at motivation lows. In addition, they provide the necessary summer feeling.

Linking the sunbath and bachelor thesis – is that possible?

Persistent sun worshipers would like to spend the whole day in the sun. Long days in the cool library are not very popular. So why not write the bachelor thesis on vacation or at the lake? At least at the beginning of the bachelor thesis this could be an alternative to the library for some.

Instead of a magazine or newspaper, you could grab research literature as a beach reading in the bath bag and sift in the bathing breaks. Otherwise, the visit to the beach rather serves to free the head and to sit back and relax at the desk.

There you work most effectively and concentrated. Of course, you can also take the bachelor thesis with you on vacation: in the morning at the desk, in the afternoon at the beach and in the evening you sit down to his thesis again. The question to what extent the recovery factor stays that way, everyone has to answer individually. On the safe side, one follows the motto: “First the work, then the pleasure.” So perhaps you would rather finish the bachelor thesis and then enjoy the holiday.

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