The Typical Bugs in the Bachelor Thesis

And How to Avoid Them

In the last part of the series we could already say: When writing the bachelor thesis lurk a lot of potential sources of error, in which one can tap. We give you the appropriate tips to avoid problems with the structure, the timing or your supervisor and to start fully with the project Bachelor Thesis. So you soon have your bachelor’s degree in your pocket and make no useless mistakes.

1st mistake: Timing is the nuts and bolts of the bachelor thesis

Some simply work when they feel like it and have time for their bachelor thesis. Others are meticulous in their writing plans, so as not to lose a second and in the best case to be completely finished with their bachelor thesis just two weeks before submission. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to actually implement the time management during the bachelor thesis in such a way that you end up not having to spend nightshifts in the library.

Therefore, it should be made clear from the beginning that the preparation of a comprehensive scientific paper like the bachelor thesis takes time. Therefore, you should always start writing soon enough and not take 72 hours of continuous shift before submission because that will be awkward in most cases.

Even if the prototypical student loves his freedom and likes to live the day, it makes sense to create a timetable. Nevertheless, one should always be open to the unexpected and keep a cool head on shifts in the schedule or problems. Sometimes the work on the bachelor thesis does not work as originally planned. Schedule such times, recover and start freshly strengthened into a new phase of work.

2nd mistake: Missing agreements with your Bachelor thesis supervisor

Sure, nobody spends his free time in his professor’s office hours to talk about his bachelor thesis. But you should look out there more often than in the topic discussion, the registration and the submission of your work. The arrangements with your supervisor are enormously important and can be of great help to you.

After all, it is your supervisor who reads and evaluates your bachelor thesis at the end. So conversations can help you develop a sense of what your supervisor expects in your bachelor thesis. In addition, you should always consult your supervisor when problems arise.

He probably already supervised tens of students in their bachelor thesis and knows how problems can be overcome and blockages can be solved. If there are any discrepancies between you and your supervisor, it is always wise to follow the opinion of your pro in case of doubt: Not only does he have the necessary experience and insight in your topic, but he is also the one to judge the grading of your bachelor thesis decides. Often, not only the bottom line, but also the progress of cooperation flows into them.

3nd mistake: Not enough time for formalia at the end of the bachelor thesis

Even though writing the last sentence of your bachelor thesis seems to have finally reached its end, it’s not that easy. Proofreading, revising footnotes, or creating a table of contents, bibliography, and bibliography. All this is still waiting after the completion of the text. Many students no longer have this at the end of the dry spell Bachelor thesis on the screen. But you should, because the formalities at the end of the bachelor thesis take a lot of time.

Especially the revision of the footnotes can sometimes drive you crazy: font size 9, long names that nobody knows and the whole abbreviations. For that you need a cool head and above all one thing: time. After the completion of the text part, there is definitely enough time left for the revision of the formals. Some have to struggle with a limited number of pages and are at the end of the bachelor thesis felt for hours and days busy to reduce their work to the right size.

Proofreading the bachelor thesis – but please from more than one person
After months of work, it’s not uncommon to run out of steam. You know your bachelor thesis in and out and can not see it anymore. Therefore, it is not only helpful but downright necessary to have the bachelor thesis proofread by a foreign person. Strangers who do not know your text often see mistakes that you simply read over yourself.

In addition, the chosen people should not only look for spelling errors, but also pay attention to the style of their work. Do you have formulation weaknesses, do you repeat yourself or do you sometimes use colloquial language? Especially at this point it is enormously helpful if more than one person reads your work correction. If you have two opinions, it will also be easier for you to find the middle ground and make the appropriate changes to your work.

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